About Our Farm

Our Story

The story of our farm really begins on the second coldest day in the Winter of 2012 (the coldest being the day P was born)! We had sold our house in town and were on the search for our dream home. We awoke to find about 10 missed calls from Amber’s dad, with a message he had heard of a place we needed to check out. So we loaded up our two month old son and drove out to find a quaint house on an amazing piece of land. Long story short we moved in May of that year and have not looked back since.

That first summer we decided that we needed to find a good use for all of this amazing land, and by mid winter we had 2000 saskatoons and a few hundred raspberries on order. The following spring we organized a huge planting bee with a number of friends and family, and

in the matter of a Saturday morning we were able to plant all our trees. Luckily for us the trees all took off, and since then we have planted strawberries, rhubarb, cherries, and haskaps on our farm as well. Last spring and this spring we planted another patch of strawberries (and will do so every year with 4 rotating patches) and set up a drip irrigation system in the strawberries to help berry yields in dry weather. Since we have started installing drip line when we plant the strawberries, the weather has not been as dry and we have not had to use it much. But given the dry weather our first couple of years starting out, we feel better knowing we have the option to irrigate if we need to! We expect our strawberries, saskatoons, raspberries, and rhubarb to yield fruit for picking this year! Our haskap and cherry trees are still young and not ready for picking yet.

Who We Are

Tim has lived and breathed farming his whole life. He grew up on a farm, worked on and operated his family farm, studied agriculture in university, made a career out of researching everything from potatoes to canola. So it only makes sense that when we moved onto an acreage Tim would find a way to make it into … you guessed it, a farm. All kidding aside Tim is passionate about our berries and loves to talk about our farm and farming in general. If you see him in the patch, take a minute to ask him about what all goes into growing such amazing berries.

Amber is a local girl (she grew up not even a mile from where we live now), who grew up loving life in the country with plenty of room to run around and lots of animals to play with. Amber is the newbie plant farmer at Big Rock Berry Farm, but don’t let that fool you. Her hard work, passion, and ability to learn quickly means that she has been able to master all the skills needed on the farm, and has quickly become a berry master in her own right! Off the farm Amber is no slouch either, she has a Doctorate in Audiology!

P and L are our two oldest boys. Hired hands by birth, they enjoy picking and eating our berries. There is nothing they love more than being outside in the berries and with the chickens. This July our twin boys, C and D, will turn 1 - it has been a busy year for us! The twins have already been out in the patch with the big boys - their speciality is eating dirt! We love that we get to share our journey and our farm with our boys.

Rusty is our timid and mild mannered miniature Shetland Sheep Dog. He loves attention and treats! Mario is our black cat who also loves attention and is often underfoot.  He responds more to "Here, Kitty Kitty" than his own name. We also have many chickens. If you have been to our Facebook page, you will have seen that we have been incubating and hatching new chicks (from our own eggs) each spring, much to the delight of our children! Collecting fresh eggs is a chore our oldest boys enjoy immensely. We also have a duck we hatched out from an egg last year who resides in our (fenced) dugout!