Peak Season:

To be determined!

Should be ready for picking in 2019


We have chosen to plant Juliet dwarf sour cherries and Crimson Passion cherries at our farm. We planted about 50 Juliet dwarf and Crimson Passion cherry plants at our farm in the spring of 2016 and 2017. 

Dwarf sour cherries are a great tasting cherry with high sugar content. They are hardy in the cold Canadian prairie winters, have dwarf stature, and good fruit quality. They also have the potential for commercial mechanical harvesting. Juliet and Crimson Passion cherries are part of the Romance series of dwarf sour cherries out of the University of Saskatchewan.

Juliet cherries are a deep burgundy red colour, optimum fruit size, and are considered excellent quality for fresh eating. In fact they are considered one of the best for fresh eating flavour due to their sweet flavour (though some have also described them as being perfectly sweet with some tartness). The longer the cherries are left on the bush, the more the sugar levels increase. Juliet cherries are great for eating, jams, baking, and juices. The Juliet cherry shrubs are highly productive. Juliet cherry pits are large enough for old fashioned crank pitters. When Juliet cherries are dehydrated, they look like raisins and taste even sweeter.

Crimson Passion cherries are closely related to Juliet cherries and expected to be heavy yieldling (i.e., a lot of cherries on each tree)! They take approximately 3 years to yield fruit and 5 to 6 years to reach maturity.  They are a dark red, sweet, fresh eating type of cherry, perfect for homemade cherry pie.